Sunday, November 6, 2011

Flair/Bell-Bottom Jeans

   Ah, the 70s! The ere of color and The Ramones! With these rock'n jeans, eyes will turn and complements will come, guaranteed!
   Pretty cool, huh? I bet you now want to make your own pair (or, if you're a square, puke)! So, I will be so nice as to tell you how to make them!

What you will need:
Jeans (if using skinny jeans, get them 1-2 sizes bigger, and wear a belt)
quarter yard of fabric for the insert
sewing machine or needle and thread

  1. Cut the outer scene of your pant leg. Go up as high or low as you like. I went about two inches above the knee. This will be were the fabric panel will be added. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Cut a triangle/trapezoid of the fabric of your choice about a half an inch larger then the desired panel size on all sides, and a inch longer. This is your insert. You want it to extend from the top of the cut-out seem to the hem (with an extra inch). Hold out the denim where you cut. Figure out how wide you want your flare to be. Cut your insert to the proper with, plus an extra half inch on either side. You should have a triangle/trapezoid. Repeat a second time for other pant-leg.
  3. Sew and hem the panels in place. Be sure to turn your jeans inside-out while sewing!
  4. Strut the streets in your newest & coolest pair of jeans!
   I used a pair of skinny jeans for my flares, (cause that's all I could find in my size) but feel free to use any jeans you like! Experiment! Make them as subtle, flashy, ballooning, or narrow as you like!